Nicoleta Munteanu

Nicoleta Munteanu, PhD, professzor a Nagyszebeni Lucian Blaga Egyetem Társadalom- és Bölcsészettudományi Kar,Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok, Politikai Tanulmányok és Biztonságtudományi Tanszékén. Szakmai területe a biztonsági tanulmányok.

Az előadásáról készült összefoglaló elérhető  ITT.




What made you apply for the grant?

Knowing the prestige of the University of Public Service, Budapest, in the context of my professional activity, I considered it an opportunity, being the main reason I applied for it. The thematic areas proposed within the application form seemed extremely interesting (especially the interdependencies between certain research areas). Other important aspects consisted of the existence of the possibility to know other academics, experts, and researchers and to make known a part of my work to your students.


What do you expect from the program?

Interaction with colleagues from different environments I hope to result in a long-term collaboration, especially in the research field, related to my activity as chief editor Studia Securitatis Journal, founder of the Laboratory for the Human Security Analysis, scientific secretary of the Research Centre in Political Science, International Relations, and European Studies.

I consider it a proper context to change invitations to international conferences with other colleagues from Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

I am interested to find out info about the infrastructure of the university system, to share this experience with my colleagues and students, as an example of good practice.


What role does this grant play in your professional career?

This grant represents an important step for my career as a lecturer and a researcher, given the fact that the destination (the University of Public Service) is a renowned institution both regionally and globally. I consider that all my previous connexions with the university systems from other countries essentially contribute to a continuous process of improving my teaching and research skills.

Institutionally, being invited as a guest lecturer is an important step for my professional activity, according to Romanian standards.