Jarosław Szczepański

Prof. Dr. Jaroslaw Szczepański  a University of Warsaw adjunktusa, az Academy of Justice, Institute of Law professzora, a Polish Journal of Political Science alapítója és főszerkesztője. Szakterülete a politikai rendszerek összehasonlító elemzése, közjog, transznacionális gazdasági integráció.

Az előadásáról készült összefoglaló elérhető ITT.

What made you apply for the grant?  

I am always on the lookout for opportunities to enrich and expand my research network. Collaborating with colleagues from NKE presents a multifaceted approach to achieving this goal. The partnership not only promises the exchange of valuable insights and expertise but also opens avenues for potential joint ventures and collaborative initiatives.

The fact that both Poland and Hungary share membership in the European Union and the Visegrad Group adds an extra layer of significance to this collaboration. This interconnectedness within these regional and international frameworks provides a fertile ground for leveraging the current grant into more extensive and impactful projects.

The potential benefits of this collaboration extend beyond the immediate scope of the grant, offering opportunities for sustained engagement in joint research endeavors, participation in academic conferences, and the establishment of lasting professional connections. The shared membership in the EU and the Visegrad Group enhances the collaborative environment, fostering synergies that can contribute to advancements not only at the national level but also within the broader European context.

What do you expect from the program?  

I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with both students and researchers from NKE. Within the framework of the Ludovica Program, I foresee valuable interactions, including the exchange of experiences and participation in workshops focused on grant and scholarship opportunities. These collaborative activities are not only integral to the program but also essential for fostering a dynamic and enriching academic environment.

I am confident that engaging in discussions and sharing insights on grant and scholarship opportunities will not only enhance our individual knowledge but also contribute to the collective growth of the academic community. The Ludovica Program serves as a platform for networking and collaboration, and I look forward to establishing lasting connections with fellow participants.

What role does this grant play in your professional career?

Polish provisions on higher education and science require academic staff to participate in mobility programs. Taking positions as visiting professors or scholars, even on a short-term basis, is the best way to meet all the conditions for promotion. The Ludovica Program is my second mobility grant after the US Fulbright Program, and I hope it will assist me in successfully applying for the position of associate professor in various institutions. In a few years, I aim to pursue a full professorship.