Luljeta Plakolli-Kasumi

Dr. Luljeta Plakolli-Kasumi a koszovói Prishtina Egyetem volt megbízott rektora, dékánhelyettese, akinek jogi szakterülete és kutatási területe a mestersége intelligencia jogi aspektusaira, illetve a virtuális valóság és a szerzői jog kapcsolatára irányul.

Az előadásáról készült összefoglaló elérhető  ITT

What made you apply for the grant?

The primary reason behind my application to the Ludovika Scholar Program is the opportunity to get together with renowned experts and researchers and discuss with them the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence in the public sector context, as well as share my current research on the topic with the students of the Ludovika University of Public Service. Being part of a community that values innovation, research and social impact is essential to my growth as a scholar, and a contributing member of society. I perceived this grant also as an opportunity to be part of a prestigious academic environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and encourages meaningful contributions to the field.

What do you expect from the program?

I expect to engage with leading experts and scholars who will challenge my perspectives and inspire me to push the boundaries of knowledge. I look forward to joint research opportunities, collaboration projects, and mentorships from esteemed faculty members.

What role does this grant play in your professional career?

I believe that the prestige associated with being a Ludovika Scholar will enhance my professional reputation and open doors to networking opportunities, conferences, and collaborations. This grant will also serve as a cornerstone for my future contributions to academia, research, and society, allowing me to make a lasting impact in my chosen profession. Ultimately, I look forward to publishing meaningful work in reputable journals.