Zsigmond Andreea

Zsigmond Andreea Sapientia Erdélyi Tudományegyetem adjunktusa, szakmai területe az atomemissziós spektroszkópia és környezetkémia. Az előadásáról készült összefoglaló elérhető ITT.


What made you apply for the grant?

The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, where I come from, has been collaborating with the NKE for many years. As I am involved in research programs related to the water resources I wanted to know better especially the VTK Faculty.

What do you expect from the program?

I expect to get acquainted with the teaching stuff and to get to know the research topics of the VTK, to see the laboratory equipment and finally to present to the students of the VTK the research we are involved with at our faculty related to the water resources. 

What role does this grant play in your professional career?

This grant is important for me for two reasons: I have the opportunity to know the teaching and research team of the VTK and I can improve my English skills by holding presentations and speaking with students and colleagues.