Pavel Foltin

Pavel Foltin a a brnói Védelmi Egyetem rektorhelyettese, szakmai területe a katonai logisztika, egyetemi menedzsment, tudományos és kutatási projektkoordináció. Az előadásáról készült összefoglaló elérhető ITT


What made you apply for the grant?

The opportunity to apply and participate in the Ludovika Scholarship Program appealed to me very much. The main reasons were long-term cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training. I have been personally involved in this close cooperation since 2001. It involves cooperation in the implementation of the FOURLOG student educational program, MAGLITE exercises, but also cooperation in the framework of pedagogical mobility, coordination of student mobility, and internships of doctoral students. Likewise, cooperation in the field of science and research, publications, and joint projects, such as the International Visegrad Fund or the COST Action project which was recently submitted. Another reason was also the fact that in 2011 I successfully passed the habilitation procedure at the National University of Public Services, in the program Theory of Defense Administration in the field of Military Sciences of Social Studies.

What do you expect from the program?

My expectations from participation in the program consist of the possibility of expanding existing cooperation, having professional discussions, and consultations on existing educational and research activities. At the same time, with colleagues from the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, we expect to discuss the possibilities of improving the FOURLOG exercise and the support of the mobility of our students and teachers. At the same time, we plan to discuss the possibility of preparing a joint project within the NATO Science of Peace program and the development of documents for the preparation of the Horizon Europe project, which should be submitted in 2023.

What role does this grant play in your professional career?

I greatly appreciate the possibility of my participation in the Ludovika Scholarship Program and it means an opportunity for me to continue joint activities ´with colleagues from the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training and develop them further. Thanks to participation in the Scholarship Program, I have the possibility of a personal presence at the University of Public Service, and with colleagues we can personally discuss individual topics of current and future cooperation and immediately develop them further. At the same time, participation in the international Scholarship Program is one of the highly positively evaluated activities by the study program guarantors from the point of view of the Czech National Accreditation Office.